How to create a winning digital strategy for your business

Digital is the new kid on the block when it comes to advertising. An increasing number of brands today are spending huge sums of money to build a strong digital presence.

In comparison to the traditional advertising platforms, digital platforms like Social Media channels and Google’s display network, allow brands to directly interact with customers and effectively reach the market segment they want to cater too.

At the same time, the biggest advantage of these platforms is convenience. Unlike television or radio advertising, brands don’t have to buy a specific time slot in search of prospects. On the contrary, brands can reach out to customers at any time they want. After all, can any of us live without our smartphones?

Some digital platforms, in particular, Social media channels, provide brands the luxury of instant feedback from the customers.

Thus, brands are now jumping on the digital bandwagon. However, in their quest to join the digital race, brands make the mistake of producing content without any strategy or plan of action.

While businesses and brands do understand the advantage of going digital, they still haven’t figured out the right way of doing it.

Why does your brand need a Digital Strategy?

Is your brand present on all Digital platforms? Great, but how much return do you generate on your digital marketing investment. Cracking the right digital strategy is essential to answer that question. In the noisy digital environment, posting content just because everyone else is doing it isn’t gonna get your brand anywhere.

In contrast, creating content with a clear objective and strategy behind it will enable your brand to enjoy a competitive edge.

So what is the right way of creating a Digital strategy?

Know your objectives

Having clear goals and objectives is a prerequisite of an effective digital strategy. Do you want to generate leads or create awareness? Or are you looking to change the perception of your target market? Your digital objectives will determine the type of content that will be suitable. Likewise, your digital objectives will also play a major role in determining the right platform.

Know your audience

Who are you talking too? Which market segment does your product or service appeal too? Answering these questions will help you understand your target market. Different platforms are suitable to reach different types of individuals. For example, the average age of Instagram users is 20 to 25 whereas, the average age of Facebook users is 30 to 35.

Once you have an understanding of the audience, you can create messages and content ideas that resonate with the target group.

Content is king

What is your brand’s message and how will you communicate it? Creating valuable content for your website and social media channels will help you to connect with your target group. The content that you create will play a vital role in establishing your brand’s superiority.

But what classifies as high-quality content? In short, content that is engaging, memorable and shareable.

Measuring the success of your digital strategy

Did your groundbreaking digital campaign break the ground? To answer that question, it is necessary to establish a set of key performance indicators. These key performance indicators can include metrics like reach, frequency, and overall customer response. Once you have set the KPI’s, all you have to do is to match your performance against them.

There you go? You just managed to create a Digital strategy for your brand. Are you still confused and feel you want to know more? Then book a free consultation session with Growker or attend our fundamentals of Facebook training and create a winning digital strategy for your business.